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Founder & CEO

I'm Olaf Kellerhoff,

founder & CEO of 3C – Coaching. I love the tension between a planned strategic approach and the chaos of reality, especially in different cultural contexts. This has coined me and my life. I enjoyed this journey full of experiences across the world, in different companies, institutions, and organizations. For a view on these steps you can peak at my Linkedin profile, download my CV, or in short below.


In short: I’ve been working as a freelance journalist for a daily newspaper, did an apprenticeship as photographer, joined the German paratroopers and later became an officer serving in missions in Somalia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Lebanon. In parallel I’ve studied and did my master in Islamic sciences and political sciences before I became country director of a German Politcal foundation in Pakistan and later Morocco. In-between I’ve been responsible for the foundation’s Asia and Human Rights operations. In 2021 he finally became the Founder & CEO of 3C – Coaching. 

Areas Of Expertise

Work-Life Balance?

Besides, I have a wonderful family with two children. Accordingly, I am also familiar with the idea of balancing the spheres of life. The term “work-life-balance” for that is the most misleading and can be even dangerous in its illusion or at least counterproductive. There is no either-or but more a as-well-as like in Eastern philosophy. I love life, I love work. Work is part of life. It is not either I live or I work, but it’s both. At the same time you need to balance your different needs in an individual manner. The systemic concept of spheres of life is much more effective and thus helpful for an individual to be and feel in balance.

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