Creating: Creativity with Lego® bricks

Creativity is  the ability to create. Innovation is the he introduction of something new. Often these two are mixed up. And especially as in business results count, leaders and managers want bring something new to the market. Thereby, they push their team to be creative. Worst mistake! 

Creativity (from latin: creāre) means to bring into existence or to produce through imaginative skill. In its ancient root the word also to give birth as well as to choose, as each process of creation is decision for particular this creation and against all other forms. And each process needs time. You want push a pregnant woman to give birth after five months, just because you want to introduce somebody new to the family (innovate). 

As a coach, I am convinced that you have all the resources you need within you – whether it’s for problem solving, innovating, or being creative. Sometimes, however, we can’t access our own potential directly on command. That’s when a facilitator comes into play. He or she is a kind of midwife who supports you in giving birth to your own ideas, designs and solutions.

Facilitation of Creativity

Nevertheless, we can facilitate the process for generating new ideas and new forms. Thus, it becomes is smoother, easier, richer and most of the cases also quicker. Pressure, push, reprimand are the wrong moves. during this time.

In general, the process is always a two-step-approach: first idea generation (without judgement), second selection. Outer pressure (social, time, etc.) often leads to a preselection during the first phase. Thereby, it distorts or even destroy creativity. 

To deliver results there are a multitude of this two- or multi-step-approches possible. This could the Zwicky Box, SIL, Walt Disney, Six Thinking Hats, or other. Only thereafter comes the plan for action. But even before the idea generation, we need a problem!

Problems needed

Let’s solve the “problem”: The word came about the 14th century into English, from French problème, directly from latin problema and originally Greek: “a task, that which is proposed, a question”. Later problems received a negative connotation. “There are no problems, only challenges!” Sounds cool! And it is supposed to be motivational. But it’s not helpful for creativity. We need problems, well formulated questions to answer and to solve. The better formulated, the closer we get to the solution. So, if you or your company are clear about your “problem”, we can facilitate the idea generation. And even if not, we can support the process of problem formulation as part of the solution. 

3C – Creativity Service

We offer different types of workshops – offline as well as online – to facilitate your creativity and problem-solving. For any query and quotation please just click one of the buttons below. Each of the possible facilitation methods will be chosen and adapted according to your needs. 

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