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Many thanks for giving us feedback on your experience! It will just take two to three minutes. The evaluation is and remains anonymous (That’s why I don’t ask for name, email nor any other detail). Let’s go!

Selected Value: 5
1 awful – 2 bad – 3 not so good – 4 half way ok – 5 ok – 6 more than ok – 7. good – 8 very good – 9 excellent – 10 outstanding

In your own words

Could you give some feed word, i.e. Some ideas how I can improve to give you an even better experience in the future?
Can be anything from content, method, equipment up to logistics - if space is not enough continue in the further comments form.
Like above anything which pops in your mind including an idea how to improve it.
This can be a method, a process, a book recommendation or any other idea you could take out from our interaction.