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More than a thank you

Yes, it took few minutes all together of your valuable time! And this is why I am grateful to you. Really? Yes, I am! I strongly believe in kaizen and create a better version of myself as well as offer a better experience for you. Thus, your ideas are a valuable gift for me. And I honestly thank your for that.


What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is Japanese philosophy for life and work. “Kai” means change, transformation and “zen” to the better. The core idea is to improve constantly and infinitely. The improvement is applied in steps of perfecting or optimising a product or process. However, this is never finished. You are never done. On the other hand it’s a realistic approach as hardly any real change happens over night.

For these steps you need to know where to change and what to change. Accordingly, feedback and forward are required. That means suggestions, ideals, or proposals how a person or a company or an organization can get better. Due to our own blind spots we won’t see them. Thus, it has to come from the outside: a partner, a colleague, an employee or an outside consultant or coach.


You also search for kaizen?

You want change something for the better? For yourself or your organization? How do you want to get better? In which field or sphere of life you want to get better? For constant improvement you need to know in which direction you want to go. And you need feedforward. That means not only to know what you have done wrong but suggestion how to improve. And following up and following through. This is often the hardest part.


By Reading?

Leaders are readers. Did you know that the amount of books per year is positively related to income level? Not only because of thatI am a firm believer in reading. Books allow us to stand on the shoulder of giants. Texts portray us role models and can inspire us. Thus, I have a few book recommendations titled Leaders are Readers in the resources section. There are authors who inspired me, writers who helped me to developed further.

Nevertheless, knowing is not doing. Only by reading we won’t get better. Yes, we will better informed, know more, have new perspectives. But does the book change your living reality? If this was true we would all be millionaires with perfectly trained bodies, right? Knowledge is only potential power. Only by applying the knowledge, we will get better. And this is the hard part where we mostly fail.


By Coaching?

Coaching is a proven path of getting results in a reasonable amount of time. Successful people know that they get more out of there life time. They are aware that they achieve their goals easier, quicker, and better – in other words more effectively – when they get outside support. How? Have a look how the coaching process goes. And if interested I put together some tipps how to find the best coach. If you want to know whether we fit together and how much this self-improvement might cost, I suggest to schedule a free, 15 minutes phone call. Then we can explore jointly if coaching is in this moment a suitable solution for you.


By struggling?

This is what we mostly do. Often we don’t know better. Often because it doesn’t cost anything. But that’s not true. It costs life time, energy and creates dissatisfaction. Sometimes the price is even higher: You loose your partner, are kicked out of job, or miss your career goal and get stuck in the mid-level. How often have you tried to change something about your outer or inner life? What major changes in attitude, behaviour or mindset were you able to implement in the last five years? And I don’t speak of little changes like stop throwing your cloths on the floor in the evening or placing the keys where they belong to avoid searching. I mean real changes of for example proper listening, stop procrastination or complaining and having a higher level of happiness.

You are not alone! Because we are all humans and these kind of changes are hard. Is it that other people are just more disciplined? No, even with a lot of discipline it’s often impossible to effect these changes because mostly we don’t know where to start, which switch to turn and how to follow up. Successful sportsman have trainers and coaches. Basically, they know what to do, they know how to train and still they hire coaches. Why? Because we get stuck, we sabotage ourselves, and we are not even aware of if.

Life is short, time is limited. It doesn’t come back. Stop wasting it and create the better version of yourself. Just schedule a free 15 min phone call and we can explore how I can help.


Start your kaizen now!

with performance and happiness