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3C – Resources symbolised by Lego® figures

Thinking of resources mostly images of finances and equipment pop up. But resources are not necessarily physical in nature. This can be for example your network of family and friends or your professional connections you have built up and invested in over yours.

The most valuable resources, however, you have inside yourself. They are always with you. You have enhanced them by investing in yourself: by reading, learning skills, by experiencing. Even negative experiences can be valuable resources. You can mobilise them to bridge the gap between actual situation and desired state. And you mostly do and did so unconsciously.

There are times, of course, you can’t tap into these resources. Or you haven’t learned to access specific resources you need now. Then, indeed, you might find a coach who can support your path of self-discovery. Additionally, in here you find some resources, which can support you.

Under Leaders are Readers you’ll find ideas for reading as well as book recommendations. They are categorised under the overall topics of 3C – Coaching:

In Tools for Download you might find some coaching tools for yourself or ideas for problem solving and so. Some of them are restricted for my clients, others are free to use. Browse freely to see whether one of them might be useful for your purposes. 

In 3C on 3C  I publish articles and perspectives on the topics of innovation, strategy and execution. You might find the one or other interesting and helpful. Then, I would be happy if you comment on then or share them.