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Who is Marshall Goldsmith?

    Most influential leadership thinker

    Marshall Goldsmith is rated to be one of the world’s most influential leadership thinker, top business thinker, and top executive coach. This is the conclusion of The Economist, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and so on. Twice he received the Thinkers50 award for extraordinary business and amazement thinking. About 1,3 million people follow his blog, on Facebook 57,000 and Twitter 50,000 (Sept. 2019). Born in 1949 he earned an MBA in 1972 and a PhD in 1977. He established a management education firm before founding the Marshall Goldsmith Group. 

    Marshall Goldsmith

    Top Executive Coach

    Being one of the top executives coaches of the world he has worked with CEOs from over 200 companies. He developed several coaching methods. The most known is Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching®. Furthermore, he developed Mojo and Triggers (see books below). Before Goldsmith stopped one-to-one coaching last year it came with a six-figure price tag. But you are able to pick his brain through his writing. 

    Prolific Author

    The US-born coach and consultant authored and co-authored 42 books, which have sold over two million copies, been translated into 30 languages. Without having read all of them (but several) I would claim that each of them is an inspiration. His most popular book os probably What Got you here, won’t get you there. While most recently his positive intentions and philanthropy became more visible by co-authoring with Sally Helgesen How Women Rise, which examines how women can succeed more effectively in their career. 

    If your want to know more about Marshall Goldsmith and the Stakeholder Centered Coaching® please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just click on one of the buttons below! 

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