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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for Expat Executives

Peak performance permanent! The challenges of a modern executive are often extreme. The “wish list” for a leader, established by polls, are almost endless. Even Superman would fail to fulfil them all. Some qualities, however, are decisive. Depending on the job, the situation, and the individual profile realistic areas of improvement remain for us all. Our own saboteurs hamper or block us to attain the next level. Where do you want to get ahead? Then Executive Coaching is your choice. 

Why even the best executives need coaches

The demands on a leader or executive have been levelled up. The VUCA world needs more adaptation, decisions, speed. Yesterday’s mental models and habits don’t suffice anymore to satisfy the demands of superiors, subordinates, colleagues, and customers. And at home partner, perhaps children, and friends might be waiting with their requests. 

As executive you could develop the required qualities, the new habits over time by yourself. But this takes time, often trial and error goes along. A coach is like a sparring partner who suggests strategies and solutions, challenges you, and holds you accountable. 

World Champions know their sports. They are able to train by themselves. They have the best equipment. And still they have trainers and mental coaches. At the end this makes all the difference. 

3C – Executive Coaching Offer

Executive Coaching can be done individually (120 €/hour) or can be booked in packages, which is accordingly cheaper.

In addition, the offers of Creating and Consulting are also aimed specifically at organizations and companies. Often the red thread of 3C – Coaching (from idea to strategy development to execution) is especially useful.

Further offers, which help you to align your goals strategically more consistently as well as to implement them more stringently, are:

Further individual offers gladly on request. Just click one of the two buttons and we are in contact. You will receive an answer within 24 hours. 

Start your goal achievements now!

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