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Abroad never alone!

Systemic Life and Executive

Coaching for Expats

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3C - Coaching Founder & CEO Olaf Kellerhoff
Olaf Kellerhoff

Olaf Kellerhoff

3C Founder and CEO

Far away from home. A mostly exciting, interesting Life. And yet different from how you imagined. Or perhaps different from what it should be. I support you not loosing this time abroad and enjoying your time in a foreign country according to your wishes.  

3C – Coaching helps in three steps to get ahead of your work and feel inner peace and joy in your private life, too, by

  • Creating: the ideal organization / the ideal life
  • Consulting: Analysis and Strategy development to get where and what you wish for
  • Coaching: accompany and support for execution / your own transformation

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idea. strategy. Execution.

3C - Coaching accompanies you from ambition to accomplishment.

3C - Coaching stands for Creativity

We help you giving birth to your ideas , to solve problems and to find the right innovation.

3C - Coaching stands for Strategy

Tailored strategic options for your objectives, strategic communication – based on analysis.

3C - Coaching stands for Coaching

Systemic Life and Executive Coaching to reach your goals and transform to the best version of yourself.


Become the Leader you want to be and the organization you wish to lead.

3C - Coaching offers personality Assessments

Hogan & GLA360

3C - Coaching offers Team Coaching
Team Coaching

In- & outside the office

3C - Coaching offers Individual Coaching with lego
Life Coaching

Online & Offline

3C - Coaching offers Executive Coaching
Exec. Coaching

e.g. Stakeholder Centered Coaching

3C - Coaching, certified


Coaching Certifications

3C - Coaching in multiple languages



3C- Coaching, internationally experienced



3C - Coaching, workshop-experienced



In 3 steps

to more success and happiness abroad



We develop jointly your ideal organization / business, your desired outcomes or your perfect life – creative, innovative, target-oriented.

3C- Coaching: Olaf Kellerhoff consulting with cards on table


With the right strategy – for private and professional life – we can reach our goals quicker and less painful. 

3C - Coaching: Olaf Kellerhoff speaking at meeting room in German Parliament


In general, it’s simple – but not easy. Otherwise we would all be millionaires with six-packs, right? A coach supports you according to your needs to reach what you are longing for. 

3C - Coaching: Olaf Kellerhoff facilitating a Fishbowl at EFN Conference Rabat Morocco


3C - Coaching. Innovation | Strategy | Execution.

3C - coaching

Life and Executive Coaching for Expats.

3C - Coaching: Certified Coach
Certified Coach

Proven Coaching methods plus tailored approaches and solutions for individuals and organizations alike

3C - Coaching: international leadership experience
15 years
international leadership

Management, Leadership and workshop experience in more than 12 countries and different cultural contexts

3C - Coaching: experienced in several organizations
Diplomats, Military, Business and non-profits

Structurally different – and yet in all domains human beings with dreams and ambitions

3C - Coaching offers its services online and offline
Online and Offline Coaching

According to your needs and convenience with interactive methods including Hypno-Coaching

3C - Coaching: Remote and on site consulting
Remote and on site strategy development

You choose on site or remote live coachings or workshops (full-HD studio) – with interactive methods

3C - Coaching offers No growth, no Pay with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
No Growth,
No Pay*

*guaranteed & measurable Leadership growth with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching method 

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