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Hogan Assessment

Leadership and personality are strongly connected. Robert Hogan has the merit to have examined the fact over many years (since 1987) with a huge set of data increasing day by day. Thereby, Hogan Assessments differentiates personality in two ways: 

  1. Identity
  2. Reputation

Identity is the story we tell ourselves. However, it is the reputation which can tell how a person will act and react under given circumstance. 

Hogan Assessments

The approach of Hogan Assessment on personality is based on scientific data. For most of the personality tests data sets of more than 80,000 are used, in some cases more. All questionnaires are compliant with regulations of non-discrimination (EEOC, AGG).

The assessments include a one hour debriefing session.

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Hogan Assessment HPI

Hogan Assessment HPI

With the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) you can depict a candidate’s tendencies and characteristics under normal conditions; i.e. the “bright side” of a person. 

This assessment is suitable for selection of candidates including their development once hired. For supervisor and HR as well as mentors advice for supporting a candidate and identification of high potentials is given. In team development it identifies similarities and characteristics and suggest development areas.

The HPI is based on 200 online questions, which take about 15 to 20 minutes of completion time. Available in more than 40 languages it is based on a global norm of more than 170,000 working adults. 

Hogan Assessment HDS

Hogan Assessment HDS

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) looks into the “dark side” of a person: How does an individual act and react under stress, when bored or fatigued, i.e. when his guard is down. This approach is unique and no other personality assessment can provide such insides. The HDS can be important as these potential behaviours can affect relationships as well as reputation negatively. Accordingly, it can diminish career prospects.

The HDS helps in risk assessment for potential leaders with responsibility. Thus, it supports you in the selection process.

Furthermore, it makes suggestions about how to improve self-awareness and avoid pitfalls. For a team it can spot detailers that hinder overall performance and hints at areas for development. 

The HDS consists of 168 question. It takes 15–20 min to complete. It is available in 40 languages and is based on a global norm of more than 80.000 working adults. 

Hogan Assessment MVPI

Hogan Assessment MVPI

The inner picture, i.e. a person’s values, objectives, and interests, are reflected in the MVPI. This makes the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) suitable for the selection process in order to find the suitable fit for an Organisation’s culture and kind of management style. Accordingly, job satisfaction and productivity can be higher if candidate is matched with the right culture and leadership.

Furthermore, the MVPI pinpoints what motivates employees, which work environment they create, and what they stress on during decision making. For team development it detects similar values and motivators as well as identifies disparities, which could lead to conflict. 

The 200 questions (in >40 languages available) of the MVPI take about 15–20 min to complete. A data set of more than 80,000 working adults lay the fundament for the analysis. 

The Hogan Assessment Reports

Based on the Assessments you may retrieve according to your needs different forms of reports. 

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By establishing Hogan Assessments Dr. Joyce Hogan and Dr. Robert Hogan have offered for the first time data-based personality tests. The HDS was the first assessment taking risks into account. Thereby, they have questioned traditions of psychology and had to face a lot of critique. For any organization, company or individual interested in a clear picture of themselves Hogan Assessments on personality offers valid data. The Hogan reports pinpoint areas to pay attention and suggest areas of development. They support companies in selection of candidates, identify high potentials, develop employees and enhance their teams. 

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