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Global Leader Assessment

New times need new leaders. What previously work won’t suffice in a more globalised world. Additional qualities and competencies are required. The Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360) is a 360 leadership assessment based on research in collaboration with CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, 18 global thought leaders and 300 business executives at 200 organisations on six continents.

Most assessments are created by psychologists or behavioural scientists. The GLA360, however, is first and only assessment in the market co-developed by multinationals for actual impact in the workplace. 


The Global Leader Assessment for executives (GLA360) is a process involving up to key stakeholders of the individual to be assessed. It is established in collaboration with the Global Coach Group (GCG). In a first meeting these stakeholders are identified and nominated. They receive an email demanding their support and collaboration. 

After a questionnaire for self-assessment the stakeholders equally fill in an online questionnaire on the respective leader. 

All questionnaires are analysed and a 50+ pages report is generated. In a second meeting we evaluate and interpret the results. 

The outcome can serve as starting point for executive coaching, for further development recommendations or for a selection process. 

Depending on the collaboration of the stakeholders and available meeting schedule the process can last between one and two weeks. 

Database for the Gloabl Leader Assessment

The GLA360 captures data on 72 skills in 15 competencies (divided into five categories). The 50+ pages report allows a detailed analysis for identifying strengths and areas of developments. Furthermore, it contains benchmarks to comparable peer groups globally as well as individual recommendations for action. 

The report supports the recruitment process and development of high potentials in upper and middle management. It serves as sound fundament for executive coaching. 

Global Leader Assessment on 15 core competencies

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