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Team Coaching

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Leaders are outstanding persons. But it is not about being outstanding. Leadership is bringing people together in order to work efficiently for a joint goal. This is easy said, and hard to be done. Often we inherit inherit internal conflicts, wrong expectations, or just the wrong people.

Fixing these issues, turning a group of employees into a team, can be too much on the plate of an overly busy manager. And even after the transformation on individuals into a team the performance level is not necessarily there where to expect it. An outside coach can not only serve as lightning rod, but bring out the best out of the team. Imagine the value of a high performing squad and how much you could achieve. 

Group or Team?
Development, building, or coaching?

The use of the different terms is often not very precise. In order to be clear when gathering information, offer and identifying your needs, let us have a short look on definitions.

A team is a number of persons associated together in work or another regular activity. A group is two or more individuals assembled together or having some unifying relationship. Thus, the regularity is the most distinctive characteristic. A group comes together only occasionally or for the very first time. This can be for example for a certain project. Once they collaborate together formally we would speak of a team again. 

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From intention to performance

From having the idea to work on and with the team until the results might take a little time. 

  1. Meeting between coach and team leader and/or HR manager for setting the objectives and contract. 
  2. Exchange with leader – and if possible the team – for identifying issues and areas for development. 
  3. Joint decision on procedure. 
  4. Finding possible dates and if required accommodation etc. 
  5. If required and agreed: singular interviews with team members. 
  6. Team Workshop / Retreat
  7. Evaluation and Report.

3C – Team Coaching Services

For great teams we need great leadership. However, taking 

For a specific offer according your needs, your situation as well as objectives please contact us by choosing one of the buttons below. Please mention number of team members, estimated time frame and the purpose. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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