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Services Online and Offline Coaching

These services will be solutions for your challenges. You can find your right in one of the areas. As an alternative you can scroll for packages in the shop or just schedule a call to get right from the beginning the most suitable and individualized offer for you. 


Click on one of the four areas (Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Personality Assessments) on the images to get information and quotes for each. 


Even with the best mindset, the greatest focus and top performance, you may struggle and still achieve nothing. If the strategy, the organizational form or the team is not right, you hardly stand a chance. We also flank coaching with our external view in the form of analyses, strategy consulting and concepts for operational and strategic communication.


Coaching mobilizes your own resources. Sometimes, however, you get stuck. That’s where we help you with creative workshops and problem solving for strategy, innovation and products.

The solution is in you. As coach I am persuaded that you have all the resources you need. inside of you – be it for problem-solving, for innovating, or for being creative. Sometimes, however, we can not directly access on command to our own potential. That’s when a facilitator comes in. He or she is a kind of midwife supporting you in giving birth to your own ideas, designs, and solutions. For that the facilitator triggers the participants imagination, their knowledge, and creativity to solve problems, create and innovate.

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