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Creating: Creativity with Lego® bricks

The solution is in you. As coach I am persuaded that you have all the resources you need. inside of you – be it for problem-solving, for innovating, or for being creative. Sometimes, however, we can not directly access on command to our own potential. That’s when a facilitator comes in. He or she is a kind of midwife supporting you in giving birth to your own ideas, designs, and solutions. 

For that the facilitator triggers the participants imagination, their knowledge, and creativity to solve problems, create and innovate. Depending on the challenge, the time, and the number of participants different. methods can be applied. These days design thinking is the hype. But also classics like Walt Disney Method, the Six Thinking Hats, the Zwicky Box, or Lego® Serious Play® and so on can be very expedient. And there are many more – always depending, which objectives are pursued. 

3C – Creating Services

Based on many years of workshop experience we can offer the following types of workshops or events in order to instigate your creativity.

Any of those propositions can be adjusted according to your needs. If you are clear about your objectives and have an an idea about the participants, just give us a call or write to us. 

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