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3C - Achieving your goals symbolised by Lego®

Why would someone, who is completely healthy, who performs, who believes in him- or herself, ask for outside support? In an ancient story the gods were debating where to hide divine wisdom from mankind so that man doesn’t become godlike.. Suggestions from the highest mountain, the deepest ocean, the most remote desert came up. But the best idea won: Inside man himself! Every human has all the resources already to tap into that wisdom. Then, even more the question: why ask someone else? Because we often can’t see it. That’s why it’s best hidden in us. Because we often can’t utilise our resources. Because we often can’t unleash our own potential. 

To transform into the best possible you, to become the leader you want to be, to create the organization you wish to lead we need the questions and reflections from outside. A coach is that mirror who sheds light on that inner wisdom and triggers your own resources. And like a true friend he or she will ask sometimes the uncomfortable question. Yes, there is no comfort in the growth zone, and there is no growth in the comfort zone. So, you can decide to comfortably keep a situation as it is, to stay as you are. or to change it. And if you decide to change: What major change in character, attitude or behaviour did you succeed in the last five years? That’s why the most successful people use coaches and even top coaches have coaches. 

If you want to know more about coaching, the topics and the process get an idea in Coaching in general. For my background you can glance at Founder & CEO or download my Profile and the Company’s profile. For your decision whom to choose as coach I have compiled a five step approach in: How to find the best coach

3C – Coaching Services

3C – Coaching offers life and executive coaching for individuals or teams in English, German or French. We base our approach in systemic coaching and might add different others tools and methods depending on the individual situation and needs as well as the consent of the client. This can include hypnosis, transformational coaching, NLP, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching (MGSCC) or other. 

Usually, 3C – Coaching does not interact concerning partnership development, conflict mediation, career search unless an already existing client wishes to add it to one of his other topics.

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