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Life Coaching

3C - Life Coaching symbolised by Lego®

At this birth man is given with all his potential and opportunities. Later in life we have limited ourselves. We have installed programs that sabotage our success, our happiness, and well-being. Biases and self-talk continue to reinforce our belief systems.

With the help of a coach you discover your “programs” and unlearn or “re-program”. You start unleashing your potential, building new habits, and performing at a higher level. Find your clarity, get back to action! 

When Life Coaching is useful

In many occasions a coach can get you quicker to your goals – without the many trial and errors, without loss of time and perhaps money. 

3C – Life Coaching Offer

For your needs, Life Coaching can be booked directly by the hour (110 €/hour) or in bundles.

Further individual offers are available on request. Just click one of the two buttons. You will receive an answer within 24 hours.

Start your goal achievements now!

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