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My support net

    Suddenly you are stuck. You can’t see the solution. You don’t know how to approach a problem. You become aware of not having enough resources. Time to press stop button on your stress vehicle, aka brain, and pause. Normally, you have all the resources inside you to solve the problem. However, sometimes in these circumstances and especially when stress limits our vision we can’t see and access our own resources. But luckily, there is an alternative: Surely, you are not isolated hermit, but are connected to people: Family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances etc. If you have followed Keith Ferrazis advice, “Never eat alone” (that’s his book title), you are surrounded by plenty of friends. Yes, some of them might not be available (especially when you want to move from the 6th floor with our lift), but others are. And perhaps a… Read More »My support net