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Medical History

Hypnosis can be used to support the coaching – always with the client’s immediate consent. Hypnosis is focused attention that gently and directly addresses the subconscious. Conscious thinking, analysis and evaluation come to rest. Everybody knows trance states when you are absorbed in a book and forget the time, suddenly miss the exit on your daily way home etc. These everyday life trances are similar to the experiences during hypnosis. Hypnosis with strong clouding of the consciousness as they are partly shown in TV shows are not used, because they are hardly suitable to anchor effects that exist beyond the show. Serious hypnosis is always voluntary. You are always in control and can end the trance at any time.

How to work

  1. Download the Medical History, print it out or use the pdf on a tablet with a pencil. 
  2. Please read it carefully! If you have any question come back to me. 
  3. If in doubt, it is recommendable to check with your doctor. . 
  4. Sign it after having understood everything.
  5. Send it by email or bring it to our next session.

Download Instructions

  1. Click on the file. 
  2. Agree on the terms and conditions in the pop-up window. (If no window pops up, check your browser settings and allow them.). 
  3. Enter the Password you have received by email. 
  4. Check your Download folder.