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Reinventing your business, e.g. SAAB

    Whereas the founding fathers had had the foresight to anticipate market conditions at the end of the war, Saab’s management in the 1970s failed to…

    Who is Shirzad Chamine?

      Stanford Lecturer Shirzad Chamine is chairman emeritus and former CEO of the largest Coaching organization of the world, the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). He developed Positive Intelligence (PQ)® including a Smartphone App for its daily practice.

      Who is Marshall Goldsmith?

        Marshall Goldsmith is rated to be one of the world’s most influential leadership thinker, top business thinker, and top executive coach. The most known is Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching®.

        What’s a coach?

          Around 1830 the word “coach” turned at Oxford University into a slang word for a tutor who “carries” a student through an exam. Thirty years later the word coach entered the sports world. In the 1970s the US discovered the real potential of coached managers.

          Creativity and Problem-solving

            The geek word “problema” meant a “task, which is proposed, a question.” Thus, “no problem” is not expedient – as for each creative process we need an initial question – the better formulated, the easier the solution.

            Creativity vs. Innovation

              Creativity is the ability to create, i.e. To bring into existence. Innovation is the introduction of something new. The first is without time and judgement. The second a process, which needs to be managed incl. Time and judgement.

              How to find the best coach

                A five step approach to find the best coach for you in the current situation with a certain given challenge and a desired outcome.

                Building a Storybrand

                  Building a Storybrand is one of the best approaches to market. Donald Miller’s reflections should be included into strategy development, too.