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Systemic Questionnaire

Systemic coaching understands the human being as part of different systems. In order to be able to locate oneself in these systems, the family of origin and the present family as well as other (sub-)systems play a role. This is because they can all have a direct impact on you and in turn other (sub-)systems. In order to enable an efficient coaching, i.e. to come quickly to concrete results for you, I ask you to fill out this systemic questionnaire before our first intervention!

For online submission please click here!

Offline after download

  1. Click on the image or file name to download!
  2. Print systemic questionnaire or use the pdf on a tablet with a pen, e.g. on GoodNotes.
  3. Please read it carefully! If you have any questions, get back to me.
  4. Email it to me one day before our session please: