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Creativity vs. Innovation

    What do you need: creativity vs. Innovation?

    Creativity vs. Innovation. Often mentioned together and synonymously the two terms nevertheless carry different ideas. This is unfortunate, counterproductive, and at its best not helpful.

    Creativity is  the ability to create and the quality of being creative whereas to create (from latin: creāre) means to bring into existence or to produce through imaginative skill. In its ancient root the word also to give birth as well as to choose, as each process of creation is decision for particular this creation and against all other forms. 

    Innovation is the introduction of something new, which could be an idea, a method or a device. The words also comes from latin innovāre with the original meaning to renew. Bear in mind that the basic root is novus, -a, -um (=new). 

    Now the process of creating is playful and not judgemental. That means the production of creation has two enemies: Time and fear. Whatever you create comes into existence. Whether it’s beautiful, good, useful doesn’t matter. Additionally, you won’t create if you fear. You can observe this with children who destroy their artwork if their inner judge or a feared outer judge, e.g. parents or friends, might have a look on it. Furthermore, creativity play and play needs time. Thus, it’s not up for measuring in time nor in quality as it is subjective.

    Creativity vs. Innovation
    Creative or Innovative?

    Innovation, on the other hand, is a measurable process. Either it’s new or not. Either it’s introduced or not. Even time can be applied. So, in the business world we mainly mean the process of innovation, which we want to manage, steer, and get facilitated. And for the best innovations we need to unleash the potential of creativity. So, it’s not necessarily Creativity vs. Innovation but moreover one after the other. 

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